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East Greenwich Township Municipal Building
We, the members of the East Greenwich Township Police Department, are committed to being responsive to our community in the delivery of quality services. Recognizing our responsibility to maintain order, while affording dignity and respect to every individual, our objective is to improve the quality of life through a community partnership which promotes safe, secure neighborhoods.

The East Greenwich Township Police Department is located:
East Greenwich Municipal Building
159 Democrat Road
Mickleton, New Jersey
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 In all cases of emergency, DIAL 911.
Non-emergency telephone calls for police services is (856) 853-0911.
Non-emergency telephone calls for police business, such as requests for copies of police reports and to make personal contact with officers handling your case is (856) 423-4322 (follow the prompts ).

Beginning in 1695, when Old Gloucester County was divided into "Constablewicks," a constable was the person who maintained local law enforcement, working in conjunction with the county sheriff.

The position of constable was usually a part-time one, so in addition local citizens often formed organizations to protect their residents from harm, and to pursue those suspected of stealing horses, mules, livestock, wagons and other personal property. On February 7, 1914, an association known as "The Mickleton Mutual Pursuing and Detective Association," was formed with Herbert Brown as first president with 196 citizens joining this group.

The first East Greenwich Township constable was Hugh Mulvey. The last two constables of East Greenwich were Christian Miller and Warner "Doc" Bundens. Warner Bundens became our first police chief in the 1920's, when he was officially appointed by East Greenwich Township. At that time, deputies were temporary appointments, as needed.

Warner "Doc" Bundens

Warner "Doc" Bundens,
East Greenwich Township'
s last constable and
first police chief.

Following Warner Bundens, other Chiefs of Police included Robert Gould, Sr., Tex Novak, Carl Clement, Bob Madison, Chris Constantino, Alfred Malinowski, and Raymond R. Miller. As our township grew, so did our police force.

Our current Police Chief, Barry Jenkins , has been with East Greenwich Township Police Department for 18 years. He is the department's Chief Executive, having command over the police department and having responsibility for day-to-day operations, accountable directly to the Township Committee.

The East Greenwich Township Police Department currently has a total of sixteen officers, including 6 in the Community Policing Unit that are responsible for services including DARE, Neighborhood Watch, and House Safety Checks. A Detective Unit, consisting of two officers, follows up on crimes or cases of a complex nature. Traffic Services, consisting of 3 officers, handles issues resulting from our township's increased population and growth. Our K-9 Unit was established in June, 2004.

East Greenwich Township Police Department 2006
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Bottom Row left to right: K9 Deuce Ptl. Phil Owens, Ptl. William Crothers, Sgt. Charles Barone, Chief Barry Jenkins, Deputy Chief Christopher Everwine, Sgt. Jacqueline Smith, Ptl. Michael Robostello, Ptl. Matthew Brenner, K9 Kliff
Second Row left to right: Ptl. Jeffrey Thompson, Ptl. Rudolfo Mazzocca, Sgt. Scott Soper, Sgt. Steven Ridinger, Sgt. Anthony Francesco, Ptl. Ryan Ragone, Ptl. Eli Hall
Third Row left to right: Ptl. Kyle Spears, Inv. Daniel Abate, Ptl. Joseph Hargraves, Ptl. David Forand, Ptl. John Seas
Top Row left to right: Ptl. Philip DePietro, Ptl. Kyle Messick, Ptl. Brett Pfeiffer

NOTE: For information and photographs of CURRENT department members, see the "UNITS" section.

This web site was created in April 2006 by Janice Brown, the East Greenwich Township historian, as a gift to the East Greenwich Police Department.

East Greenwich Township Police Department
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