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Neighborhood Watch Report

August 2009

Aug. 1 - Theft – Wolfert Sta Rd – 250 feet of copper stolen from a residence.

Aug. 1 – Suspicious incident – Mantua Rd – Resident reported hearing someone trying her doorknob. Area was checked with negative findings.

Aug. 2 – Juvenile complaint – Royal Crescent – Report of kids playing on playground after curfew. They were escorted to their apartment and turned over to parents.

Aug. 3 – Theft – Harmony Rd – Metal fencing stolen from property.

Aug. 4 – Suspicious person – Pilgrim’s Landing – Subject knocked on resident’s door at 0430 AM and resident saw individual running away towards Whiskey Mill Rd.

Aug. 4 – Curfew violation – Pilgrim’s Landing – While checking area for above subject, juvenile female was observed out after curfew. She was returned to her residence.

Aug. 5 – Criminal mischief – Stone Ridge – Resident’s vehicle was damaged by someone scratching foul language into the paint.

Aug. 6 – Suspicious activity – Bodo Otto – Resident reported a vehicle with a loud muffler parked in the area of several parked cars in the early morning hours (5 AM). Car then left area quickly on Kings Hwy.

Aug. 7 – Suspicious MV – Harmony Rd – Resident reported seeing a green vehicle in the area possibly involved in drug activity. Patrols checked the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

Aug. 7 – Loud party – Rattling Run Rd – Resident called about a loud party in the area. Police contacted the resident hosting party and they agreed to keep the noise down.

Aug. 8 – Fireworks – Elaine Dr – Police responded to a residence on Elaine Dr after receiving a fireworks complaint in the area. Resident was advised accordingly.

Aug. 8 – Theft – Quaker Rd – Resident reported a theft of landscaping equipment from his front yard.

Aug. 9 – Suspicious person – 200 block Kings Hwy – Male was seen loitering in front of an apartment building, and was found to be waiting for his girlfriend.

Aug. 9 – Suspicious person – E Cohawkin – 2 subjects seen walking in roadway, one of which was crying. Contacted by police and found to have had an argument at their apartment, were going to get property.

Aug. 10 – Theft – E Wolfert Sta Rd – Sign stolen from roadway.

Aug. 10 – Intoxicated person – Weathervane Farms – Resident reported and intoxicated male walking in the roadway in the development. Police made contact with man who was walking home.

Aug. 11 – Soliciting complaint – Berkley Rd – Male reported to be soliciting for money. He was located and transported to Brooklawn.

Aug. 11 – Theft – Brown Terrace – Resident reported a theft of trash cans.

Aug. 12 – Criminal mischief – 200 block Kings Hwy – Caller reported a disturbance at the neighbor’s residence. On arrival it was found that a man had picked a subject up in Camden who requested a ride home to this address in exchange for money. When they arrived the passenger ran out of the car and started banging on the door causing damage. He then fled the area. Resident denied knowledge of the subjects.

Aug. 12 – Possession CDS- Weathervane Farms – Subject in vehicle contacted by police was found to have numerous bags of marijuana on his person after trying to destroy the evidence. He was arrested for possession with intent to distribute.

Aug. 12 – Suspicious person/arrest – Cohawkin Rd - Resident reported seeing a male jumping fences through yards then getting into a vehicle which fled onto Kings Hwy. Police stopped the vehicle and subsequently arrested male for possession of a crack pipe.

Aug. 13 – Suspicious person – 100 block Kings Hwy – Resident reported seeing three males tampering with oil tank on property.
Aug. 14 – Vehicle break-in – W Wolfert Sta Rd – Caller reported that her unlocked vehicle was entered and purse stolen from it. Purse was recovered next day nearby, with cash and house key missing.

Aug. 14 – Trespassing – Berkley Landing – Resident called regarding a trespassing complaint on property. Suspect was located and found to be in possession of marijuana.

Aug. 14 – Noise complaint/explosion – Colonial Dr. – Several calls regarding a loud explosion at the end of Colonial Dr by the railroad tracks. Police were unable to locate the source.

Aug. 16 – Noise complaint – Amhearst Farms – Caller reported hearing juveniles yelling on the playground during early morning hours.

Aug. 17 – Noise complaint – W Cohawkin Rd – Resident complained of loud music outside.

Aug. 17 – Suspicious MV – Royal Crescent Apartments – Suspicious MV occupied by two people was found to be a resident of the complex.

Aug. 17 – Soliciting complaint – Weathervane Farms – Resident called regarding door to door soliciting by a furniture company. Police were unable to locate the solicitor.

Aug. 18 – Loud party – W Tomlin Sta Rd – Caller reported a loud party with people driving on neighbors’ lawns. Police shut the underage party down and arrested six people.

Aug. 19 – Found bike – Quaker Rd – Passerby found a bicycle on the side of the road by the railroad tracks and turned same over to police.

Aug. 19 – Suspicious MV – Harmony Estates – Fed Ex driver reported a suspicious vehicle following him for several stops in development, before leaving quickly.

Aug. 20 – Open burn complaint – Bell Ave – Area resident reported that a resident was burning trash in the back yard. It was found that the resident was burning wood in a safe manner.

Aug. 20 – Residential burglary – Jessup Mill Rd – Resident returned home to find his house to have been entered through a window. Large amount of currency and jewelry was stolen from residence.

Aug. 20 – Suspicious MV – Village Ct – Resident reported that a brown pickup had driven into the court in the early morning hours. Vehicle left quickly when caller turned his lights on.

Aug. 21 – Suspicious MV – Harmony Acres – Caller reported an out of state vehicle parked on the street occupied by a male. Police made contact and found he was waiting for his girlfriend.

Aug. 22 – Theft – W Tomlin Sta Rd – Caller reported a theft of several items after a party was hosted at the residence.

Aug. 22 – Suspicious MV/arrest – Southgate Ct- Officer observed a vehicle turn onto Southgate Ct when all businesses were closed. Driver bailed out of vehicle and ran into the woods when officer attempted to check the subject out. Subject was located and placed under arrest.

Aug. 25 – Noise complaint – Brown Terrace – Caller reported a loud party in the area. Police made contact with accused and advised them of the complaint.

Aug. 25 – Suspicious person – Berkley Rd – Caller stated a male had exited his vehicle and approached two females who were on foot. Police contacted him and he said he was warning them to be careful outside late at night. He was advised to leave the area.

Aug. 25 – Fireworks complaint – Colonial Dr – Report of fireworks in the area.

Aug. 27 – Fireworks complaint – Greenwich Crossings – Report of fireworks in the area. Negative findings.

Aug. 28 – Attempted break-in – Millwood Dr. – Resident returned home to find an unknown vehicle in his driveway. He went inside to check on is daughter, who stated a male had rang the front door bell. She did not answer, father went back outside to see vehicle now leaving. Pry marks were found on garage door and grass disturbed in area where son had seen a second subject come from behind the house before getting into the vehicle and fleeing the area.

Aug. 28 – Soliciting complaint – Greenwich Crossings – Two females reported to be going door to door soliciting for money. Police were unable to locate them.

Aug. 29 – Theft – EG Library – Report of a theft of bicycle from the library parking lot. Bike was returned to the owner.

Aug. 29 – Vandalism – Fawn Meadows Dr – Resident’s vehicle was egged overnight.

Aug. 31 – Criminal mischief – Weathervane Farms – Resident reported that the exterior cable box to the house had been broken

July 2009

July 1 – Criminal mischief – Weathervane Farms – Cord attached to pool’s filter was cut.

July 2 – Criminal mischief – 300 block Kings Hwy – Bench and fence damaged overnight

July 2 – Suspicious person – Democrat Rd – Caller advised of female knocking on door asking for ride. Female offered to give resident prescription pills for ride as well. Subject was arrested on warrants.

July 2 – Theft – W Wolfert Sta – Deer feeder stolen from property.

July 3 – Intoxicated person – 200 block Kings Hwy – Report of a possible intoxicated male standing in the roadway talking to himself. Police were unable to locate the male.

July 4 – Suspicious person – Elaine Dr – Caller stated someone knocked on his door at 230 a.m., and left in a vehicle. Subject was contacted by police and found to be lost.

July 4 – Theft – Quail Ridge – Pool vacuum was reported stolen from rear of property.

July 4 – Fireworks complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of juveniles setting off firecrackers in street. Caller had already advised them to stop prior to police arrival.

July 4 – Fireworks complaint – Democrat Rd – Report of fireworks in area. Subject was advised of the complaint and stated he was done for the evening.

July 4 – Fireworks complaint – Pilgrim’s Landing – Caller stated neighbor was setting off fireworks and possibly damaging their property. Neighbor denied any wrongdoing, no damage observed.

July 4 – Fireworks complaint – Quail Ridge – Report of fireworks, caller worried of damage to property. Accused was advised of complaint and to cease activity.

July 5 – Suspicious incident – Polo Run – Caller heard door chime sound, and believed someone was trying to get into the residence. No signs of attempted entry found.

July 6 – Fireworks complaint – Thompson park – Resident reported seeing two males in park setting off fireworks. Area checked for accused with negative findings.

July 6 – Suspicious person – Berkley Rd – Report of a suspicious female soliciting. Contact was made and she was arrested for possession of crack and numerous outstanding warrants.

July 7 – Suspicious incident – Kings Gate East – Caller found glass door shattered. No entry was made into the residence and nothing was stolen.

July 8 – Suspicious motor vehicle – Devon Ct – Caller observed a vehicle parked in roadway with 3 males acting suspiciously at 0129 a.m. Vehicle located and found that fire extinguisher went off inside and they were cleaning it out.

July 8 – Criminal mischief – Quaker Rd – 3 residences had their mailboxes damaged overnight.

July 8 – Criminal mischief – Sullivan Dr – 17 residences had their mailboxes damaged overnight.

July 8 – Criminal mischief – Amhearst Farms – Recreational area had been damaged overnight.

July 8 – Burglary/theft – Cohawkin Rd – Locked garage was entered unlawfully and a riding lawnmower stolen. Suspect was developed and arrested, lawnmower was recovered.

July 8 – Suspicious incident – Quail Ridge – Caller stated that 2 males came to residence asking to measure their deck. No one had requested this to be done and found it suspicious.

July 8 – Juvenile complaint – Harmony Estates – Kids reported to be ringing doorbells and running away.

July 9 – Suspicious person/arrest - Cohawkin Rd – Passing motorist reported female lying on side of road. Subject found to be sleeping, and was arrested after providing police with fictitious name.

July 9 – Barking dog – Colonial Dr – Caller reported dog left outside barking all day, ongoing problem. Dog was taken inside caller was advised to sign complaints if problem continued.

July 10 – Soliciting complaint – Pilgrim’s Landing – Report of solicitors in the area without a permit. Contact made and subjects advised of township ordinance.

July 11 – Suspicious incident – Chelsea Glenn – Caller reported hearing two loud bangs against back of house. Area checked with negative findings.

July 11 – Fireworks – Holdings – Report of fireworks in area. Found to be coming from a party at a residence in neighborhood. Resident advised of complaint.

July 12 – Noise complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of loud music coming from a party. Resident advised of complaint and turned music down.

July 12 – Noise complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of a vehicle revving its engine in driveway of a residence. Contact made and driver advised to stop.

July 13 – Intoxicated person – Mantua Rd – Report of an intoxicated person walking in the roadway. Subject was transported home safely.

July 16 – Soliciting complaint – Sharp Dr – Subject reported to be soliciting door to door in the area without a permit. Subject was contacted and arrested on unrelated charges.

July 16 – Soliciting complaint – Kings Gate – Subject reported to be soliciting without a permit. Contacted by police and advised he needed a permit to do so.

July 17 – Animal complaint – Rattling Run Rd – Report of a loose pit bull in area. Owner was located and dog was returned to its home.

July 17 – Criminal mischief – Cohawkin Rd – Several speed limit signs were spray painted along the roadway by unknown actor(s).

July 18 – Suspicious incident – Harmony Estates – Report of a vehicle following juveniles in the neighborhood and saying things to them. Vehicle and driver identified, was found to be an area resident who was trying to scare the juveniles as they reportedly would yell at him when he drove by.

July 19 – Juvenile complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of kids shooting each other with bb guns in the neighborhood. Juveniles were located and found to be using air-soft guns.

July 19 – CDS activity – Greenwich Crossings – Caller reported cds activity in the neighborhood. Police responded and were unable to locate any evidence of such activity.

July 20 – Dispute – 300 block Kings Hwy – Police responded to a dispute between a resident and motorist who had broken down in front of residence. Matter was resolved.

July 20 – Suspicious incident – Brookhollow – Resident advised seeing a male running away from a neighbor’s house that was away on vacation. Area checked and police unable to locate the male.

July 23 – Suspicious noise – Weathervane Farms – Caller reported hearing a loud bang outside of house around 0300 A.M. Police checked the area with negative findings.

July 23 – Theft – E Cohawkin Rd – Resident reported theft of vegetables from his farm stand.

July 23 – Criminal mischief – Friendship Rd – 3 speed limit signs vandalized with spray paint.

July 23 – Soliciting complaint – Greenwich Crossings – Male reported to be soliciting in the development. He was located and advised he needed a permit to do so. Male was from Florida.

July 24 – Soliciting complaint – Harmony Estates – Several complaints about 2 males soliciting, they were located and charged for soliciting without a permit. Both males were from Utah.

July 26 – Possession of weapon – Cohawkin Rd – Subject stopped by police was found to be in possession of a handgun in waistband.

July 27 – MV complaint – Amhearst Farms – Report of construction vehicles speeding and dropping debris in roadway. Trucking company advised of complaint.

July 27 – Animal complaint – Cohawkin Rd – Report of a dog running at large. Dog and owner located and found that landscaper turned electric fence off.

July 29 – Juvenile complaint – Mantua Rd – Officers investigating a possible stolen bicycle attempted to stop 3 juveniles who then fled the area.

July 29 – Suspicious phone call – Resident received a call from a person stating they were from “Equafax” and wanted to know if she would be home at 3 p.m. to deliver a package. Caller hung up after being asked for a return phone number.

July 30 – Attempted break-in – Hereford Ln – Resident returned home to find several screens open on the windows and observed fingerprints on the bedroom window. Entry was not made into residence.

July 30 – Suspicious person – Cohakwin Rd - Police contacted two subjects hitchhiking in roadway. One subject was arrested after obstructing officers and then subsequently resisted arrest.

July 30 – Soliciting complaint – Chelsea Glenn – Male subject soliciting without a permit and was issued summons for ordinance violation. Male was from Arizona.

July 30 – Juvenile complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of juveniles ringing doorbells and running away. Area checked with negative results for juveniles.

June 2009

06/01 – Break-in/criminal mischief – Democrat Rd – Mione Soap was broken into and vandalized with spray paint.

06/01 – Suspicious person – Democrat Rd (park) – Motorist advised an officer of a male in the park swinging a sword. Man was found to have a novelty sword, practicing for an event. Advised him to move to private.

06/01 – Juvenile complaint – 400 block Kings Hwy – Police contacted regarding juveniles riding motorized scooters in the roadway. They were advised of the state law prohibiting this action.

06/01 – Noise complaint – 200 block Kings Hwy – Report of someone shouting profanities through a megaphone. Found to be a teenager and his band practicing. They were advised to keep the noise down.

06/02 – Juvenile complaint – Greenwich Crossings – Report of underage juveniles drinking in the wooded area between townhomes and single family homes.

06/02 – Suspicious noise – 300 block Kings Hwy – Loud explosion heard, reported by several residents in area. Source was unable to be located.

06/03 – Fight – 300 block Kings Hwy – Police responded to a report of two men fighting in street. Subjects were located and dealt with accordingly.

06/03 – Suspicious MV – E Wolfert Sta Rd – Report of a white Ford Explorer parked in resident’s driveway, white male driver and a white female passenger who went to the rear of his house. Late report.

06/04 – Noise complaint – Kings Gate East – Construction workers began work prior to 0700 am. They were advised of the township ordinance regarding construction.

06/04 – Suspicious MV – W Cohawkin Rd – Caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the driveway of neighbor away on vacation. Vehicle was found to be a relative.

06/05 – Suspicious MV – Timberlane Rd – Late report of a truck with out of state tags driving around the area several times.

06/05 – Burglary – Higginsville Ln – Resident returned home to find a young male in her home. He stated he was there to see if she was okay as door was open (storm door was closed). He fled on foot. Caller waited 15 minutes prior to calling 911 to report incident. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

06/06 – Suspicious MV – Oak Ridge – Caller observed two vehicles parked and occupied early morning hours. Was found to be people talking.

06/06 – Noise complaint – Greenwich Crossings – Complaint of construction at 0730 hours. Caller was advised the ordinance is for 0700 hours.

06/06 – Suspicious persons – Bell and Lodge – Report of two males smoking CDS on street corner. Found to be two juveniles allegedly smoking a cigar.

06/06 – Noise complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of a loud party with band in development. Resident was advised of the complaint.

06/06 – Juvenile complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of kids hitting a passing vehicle with an object. It was found to be kids playing and accidentally kicked ball into road, which hit car.

06/06 – Suspicious persons – Greenwich Crossings – Report of two males dressed in black running from construction site. It was later found to be juveniles playing in the area.

06/07 – Juvenile complaint – Academy Ave – Report of juveniles playing in roadway after 2 a.m. Juveniles were located and parents notified.

06/08 – Suspicious MV – Rachel Dr – Resident advised of a suspicious vehicle parked in front of house. It was found to be two people soliciting door to door. They were advised that they needed a permit.

06/08 – Open door – Weathervane Farms – Caller advised of neighbor being away, but garage door was wide open. Patrols secured residence, everything was in order.

06/08 – Animal complaint – Oak Ridge – Report of dog knocking down trash cans in development. Negative findings for any dog the in area.

06/09 – Burglary/theft – Bell Ave – Caller stated finding his son’s stolen bike in area of Kings Hwy. Invest led to arrest of four juveniles who broke into garage on Bell Ave. and stole bicycle.

06/12 – Disorderly conduct – County House Rd – Male stopped on a bicycle for a violation late at night in a residential area. He was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct.

06/12 – Suspicious incident – 200 block Kings Hwy – Late report of two females seen entering into an abandoned house the previous night.

06/12 – Juvenile complaint – Oak Ridge – Report of juveniles jumping on fence in the playground. Officers made contact with 6 juveniles who stated the fence was broken when they got there.

06/12 – Suspicious activity – 100 block Kings Hwy – Two juveniles seen behind a dumpster. Upon seeing police, they fled on foot. One of the juveniles was found to have license plates belonging to a Weathervane Farms resident. The plates were returned to the owner.

06/12 – Noise complaint – W Cohawkin Rd – Several reports of a loud explosion coming from farm field by Friendship Rd. One caller reported seeing two males leaving the area on foot.

06/15 – Juvenile complaint – E Wolfert Sta – Report of juveniles running into traffic. They were located and advised accordingly.

06/15 – Theft – 100 block Kings Hwy – Boat and trailer stolen from property.

06/15 – Disturbance – Royal Crescent Apartments – Disturbance arose between two tenants in one of the buildings. Matter was settled for the time.

06/15 – Animal complaint – Holdings Development – Complaint of dogs running at large. Owner was advised accordingly.

06/17 – Suspicious incident – 200 block Kings Hwy – Early morning report of a suspicious noise coming from the area. Area checked with negative findings.

06/18 – Burglary/theft – Quaker Rd – Resident’s shed was entered and weed whacker stolen.

06/18 – Fireworks – Fox Chase – Report of fireworks in the area.

06/19 – Suspicious MV – Kings Gate East – Report of a suspicious vehicle parked on side of road. Owner found to be a resident of development, advised to get vehicle properly registered.

06/19 – Suspicious person – Bell Ave – Report of a male on a golf cart approaching children. Man was located and found that there was no wrongdoing.

06/20 – Noise complaint – E Tomlin – Report of a loud party, resident was advised to keep the noise down.

06/20 – Criminal mischief – Hidden Acres – Vending machine damaged at Little League Fields.

06/20 – Suspicious MV – E Wolfert Sta – Suspicious vehicle parked in area of park. It was found to be a resident who was out for a run in the area.

06/20 – Juvenile Complaint – Weathervane Farms – Report of several juveniles ringing doorbells and running. Area checked with negative findings.

06/21 – Criminal mischief – 300 block Kings Hwy – Fountain damaged overnight.

06/21 – Suspicious MV – E Rattling Run – Resident stated black Navigator drove slowly past his house several times. He confronted the driver, who stated that she was just looking at stuff, and then left.

06/22 – Criminal mischief – 300 block Kings Hwy – Several benches knocked over in the area.

06/22 – Suspicious MV – Jessup Mill Rd – Vehicle reported to have parked and turned its lights off. Area checked with negative results.

06/23 - Theft – Kings Gate East – Theft of a pump from construction site.

06/24 – Theft – 200 block Kings Hwy – Theft of prescription pills from apartment.

06/24 – Suspicious items – Bell Ave – numerous shell casing of different calibers found in area. No reports of any shots in area, no further information at this time.

06/24 – Impersonating an officer – Harmony Acres – Report of a male in a white Crown Victoria who approached a child on a bike stating he was a police officer and was going to arrest him. Suspect located and charged with impersonating a police officer.

06/25 – Suspicious incident – 500 block Kings Hwy – Resident returned home from vacation to find front storm door smashed. No entry was made into residence and unknown if it was intentional damage.

06/26 – Suspicious incident – Greenwich Crossings – Caller reported two males seen running away from two units under construction in early morning hours.

06/26 – Theft – Chelsea Glenn Development – Theft of lighting fixtures from construction trailer.

06/26 – Animal complaint – Oak Ridge – Dog running at large, owner located and advised accordingly.

06/28 – Noise complaint – Colonial Dr – Loud party in the area. Resident advised to keep the noise down.

06/29 – Found property – Harmony Rd – Pedestrian found a prescription bottle belonging to a resident in the area. Appears to have been picked out of trash by unknown subject and discarded.

06/29 – Criminal mischief – 600 block Kings Hwy – Window on vehicle broken out.

06/29 – Theft – Timberlane Rd – Laptop computer stolen from vehicle sometime overnight.

06/29 – Suspicious person – 200 block Kings Hwy – report of female looking into vehicle in area. Patrols were unable to locate the female.

06/30 – Suspicious activity – Whiskey Mill Rd – Report of possible CDS activity in the area, but was found to be people placing a food order with a co-worker.

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