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  - Neighborhood Watch (cooperative effort between residents and police to reduce crime in the community)
  - D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
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05/01 – Suspicious incident – Green Terrace – Unknown individual rang doorbell and ran away. Unable to locate suspect(s).

05/01 – Criminal mischief – 200 block Kings Hwy – Eggs thrown at apartment, breaking lights on front porch. Suspect(s) also wrote on front door, using moisturizer to write foul language.

05/02 – Suspicious mv/arrest –Berkley Rd at Berkley Landing development - Officers investigating a suspicious vehicle on side of road made contact with a male from Dover DE. He was arrested after it was discovered he had been breaking into multiple cars in area. Search warrant on vehicle revealed stolen property from 4 states.

05/04 – Criminal mischief – 300 block Kings Hwy – Block fountain damaged.

05/05 – Suspicious person – 500 block Kings Hwy – Caller reported a suspicious male in the area of the school. Contact was made and it was learned he was a nearby resident out for a walk.

05/05 – Theft – 100 block Kings Hwy – Resident stated that open carport was entered and bicycle was stolen. Bike was recovered in the 300 block of Kings under bushes on a later date.

05/06 – Theft – W Cohawkin Rd – Checks stolen from a business in a residential area.

05/06 – Theft from MV – Kayla Dr – Resident reported diapers stolen from unlocked vehicle.

05/07 – Juvenile complaint – Oak Ridge – Report of a large group in the roadway blocking traffic and being loud. Patrols made contact and dispersed the group.

05/08 – Suspicious person – Friendship Rd – Unknown vehicle pulled into neighbor’s driveway and a male walked into backyard. Patrols checked the area with negative results.

05/08 – Juvenile complaint – Quail Ridge – Report of kids playing in street and being loud.

05/08 – Juvenile complaint – Harmony Acres – Report of young teen males knocking on doors and running away.

05/09 – Noise complaint – Berkley Ave – Barking dog complaint in early morning hours. Owner of dog contacted and brought dog inside.

05/09 – Drug paraphernalia arrest– 100 block Kings Hwy – Officers investigating report of intoxicated male passed out on lawn made contact with female acquaintance. She was found to have needles on person.

05/12 – Suspicious activity – 200 block Kings Hwy – Caller reported a suspicious vehicle and male on numerous occasions in the area.

05/12 – Suspicious mv – Harmony Acres – Caller stated one vehicle pulled up along side of house, 3 people exited and entered another car which had pulled up. Both vehicles left scene and later returned to area.

05/13 – MV complaint – Weathervane Farms – Anonymous caller reported motorized scooter riding in roadway. No scooter was observed by police.

05/13 – Unwanted person – 300 block Kings Hwy – Caller wanted intoxicated male removed from house. Male was contacted and arrested after giving false name to police.

05/13 – Suspicious incident – Marino Ct – Caller heard knock at door and answered it to find an orange traffic cone on porch. Check of the area yielded negative results.

05/14 – Open door – Weathervane Farms – Caller reported neighbor’s garage door open during early morning hours. Contact was made and resident advised he forgot to close it night before.

05/14 – Unwanted person – 300 block Kings – Caller reported same intoxicated male at house again. Unwanted male was transported to hospital for high level of intoxication.

05/14 – Drug arrest – 100 block Kings – Caller reported seeing a male in a car crushing pills. Police contacted accused and arrested him for possession of drugs.

05/15 – Attempted break-in – Holdings development- Bilco doors to basement were damaged in an apparent attempt to pry them open.

05/15 – Suspicious incident – Harmony Acres – Caller reported someone knocked on his door and then he observed a male in black shorts running away. Patrols were unable to locate accused.

05/15 – Juvenile complaint – Mantua Rd – Motorist reported observing three females walking on side of road and when he passed on female pushed another into his lane of travel. He was able to avoid hitting her.

05/16 – Fireworks complaint – Weathervane Farms – Caller reported fireworks in the area. Patrols were unable to locate source.

05/17 – Fireworks complaint – Oak Ridge – Report of fireworks in wooded area behind development. Patrols were unable to find the source of complaint.

05/17 – Suspicious activity – 200 block Kings Hwy – Caller stated seeing two males with flashlights looking into driveways. Contact was made and found they were looking for their lost cat.

05/17 – Disturbance – Oak Ridge – Two subjects reportedly arguing in front of residence. Both left scene prior to police arrival.

05/19 – Car break-in – Colonial Dr – Unlocked vehicle entered and electronics stolen from truck.

05/19 – Juvenile complaint – Oak Ridge – Caller stated 4 juveniles were hanging out in her front yard and leaving trash. Contact was made with juveniles who were advised accordingly.

05/20 – Car break-in – W Cohawkin Rd – Vehicle entered and ransacked. Nothing was stolen.

05/20 – Theft – W Tomlin Sta Rd – Bicycle was stolen from rear of house.

05/20 – Attempted break-in – Harmony Rd – Resident returned home to find screen in rear of residence to be cut during the day. Suspect was unable to make entry in the residence.

05/21 – Fight – 200 block Kings Hwy – Police responded to apartment for a report of a fight in front yard during early morning hours. One subject arrested.

05/21 – Suspicious person – Democrat Rd (park) – Male observed swinging what appeared to be a sword in park. Police were unable to locate him.

05/21 – Car break-in – County House Rd – Unlocked vehicle entered and a GPS unit was stolen from it.

05/22 – Suspicious phone call – Resident reported a phone call from someone stating they were from UPS. Caller asked for correct address as label was damaged. Package was not delivered and UPS had no knowledge of it.

05/22 – Suspicious MV – 200 blocks Kings Hwy – Officers investigating 2 suspicious motor vehicles in area of closed business. Both drivers arrested for DWI.

05/23 – Criminal mischief – 500 block Kings Hwy – Caller’s mailbox smashed by baseball bat overnight.

05/24 – Theft – 200 block Kings Hwy – Caller reported having 46 pills stolen from his apartment.

05/25- ATV complaint – Alexis Ct – Report of ATV riding in roadway. Accused located and advised of ATV laws.

05/27 – Burglary – 200 block Kings Hwy – Church on Kings Hwy was entered after door was pried open. Numerous items, including a cash register were stolen.

05/27 – Soliciting complaint – Greenwich Meadows – Report of 5 females soliciting door to door in area. Patrols were unable to locate the accused.

05/27 – Noise complaint – Belfry Manor Estates – Loud noise complaint, possible fight in the area. Patrols checked with negative findings for any disturbance.

05/29 – Suspicious person – Weathervane Farms – Caller reported a male walking a dog had walked onto his property on at least two occasions and peered over their fence.

05/29 – Noise complaint – Weathervane Farms – Caller stated a crowd of people in front of a residence. One of the vehicles was playing loud music. Vehicle left prior to arrival, but resident was advised of complaint.

05/30 – Suspicious MV – Democrat Rd (park) – Vehicle parked in field for over an hour an appeared suspicious to caller. Vehicle had left prior to police arrival. *Note – Mione Soap was found to have been broken into and vandalized*

05/30 – Fireworks complaint – Colonial Dr – Report of fireworks in area. Police were unable to find source of complaint.

05/30 – Suspicious person – 200 block Kings Hwy - Patrols made contact with a suspicious person fitting description of an earlier complaint in area. Subject arrested for hindering apprehension.

05/31 – Suspicious incident - Greenwich Meadows – Resident called after hearing radio in house turn on and finding front door unlocked. House was cleared and nothing found to be disturbed.

05/31 – Motor vehicle complaint – Weathervane Farms – Caller reported vehicle peeling wheels and racing around development in early morning hours. Vehicle not located but fresh tire marks observed.

05/31 – Theft – County House Rd – Laptop computer stolen from caller.

05/31 – Criminal Mischief – Cohawkin Rd – Door to residence damaged during daytime hours.

05/31 – Burglary report – Cohawkin Rd – Caller advised that someone had just broken into neighbor’s house. Police made contact with male in house, who was found to be the resident.

In reference to the arrest we made of the suspect breaking into cars in Berkley Landing, he told us that he had entered at least 10 cars in that development. This was at approximately at 4 A.M. on a Saturday morning/. He targeted unlocked vehicles and was in a vehicle at one point as we drove through the neighborhood. We located lock pick tools in his car, however he did not use them this time. He has been in the area on previous occasions even though he lives in Dover DE. He was apparently targeting towns off of major highways between Delaware and New York. This is just a reminder to please remember to lock your doors at all times.

Any questions or comments regarding this report please contact me either by email or at 423-4322 X 221

Kyle Messick

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