House Checks

Security House Checks are performed on request by township officers while homeowners who may have reason for concern, are on vacation, or are away for an extended time.

Home Security Survey

Security Surveys are conducted by the Community Services Unit. Residents request a survey of their home, and officers will make suggestions to improve home security.

Business Security Survey

Security Surveys are conducted by the Community Services Unit. Businesses may request a survey for their properties. Officers will make suggestions to improve building security.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped requested services and parking permits can be obtained by residents with temporary or permanent physical disabilities. More information can be found on our forms page.

Wellness Check

If you haven't heard from or are concerned about a friend, co-worker, family member or other acquaintance, you can request an officer to visit the last know location of the person or persons.

Child Safety Inspection

An officer who is trained to assist in securing child safety seats is available at our station and also at times, available to perform child safety seat checks at a remote location - such as your home.

School Resource Officer

The East Greenwich Police Department School Resource Officer Programs provides retired officer to the East Greenwich public schools for the purposes of comfort, security and safety.

Active School Duty

These active, on-duty officers will proactively converse and engage with kids throughout the school day. It's common for an officer to sit and eat lunch with kids or even join in at recess.

Public Event Security

Officers can be tasked to patrol public events taking place within East Greenwich Township. An Event Application form must be completed and approved before officers will be assigned.

Project Medicine Drop

The East Greenwich Township Police Department has joined the New Jersey Attorney General’s “Project Medicine Drop” initiative, installing a fixed Project Medicine Drop Box at Police Headquarters, located within the Front Lobby Vestibule of the Municipal Building.